Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Author Interview with Sandi Beth Jones, author of Byronic

Today we have an interview with Sandi Beth Jones. Her cover reveal was posted here.

Can you tell us about your book, BYRONIC, in 20 words or less?Byronic is a Frankenstein retelling about an artist capable of extraordinary things, but she must first learn whom she can trust.
What was your favorite scene to write?
I love all the scenes between Geoff and Chelsea, especially how they learn more and more about each other as their relationship develops.
What was the hardest scene to edit out?
I had a different scene at the end, but I hope the new ending is more satisfying.

Is this a standalone or will there be a sequel?I’m working on the sequel, Prometheus Unbound, right now!!
What is one of your favorite quotes from Byronic?
I flipped through the pages, searching frantically, yet trying not to tear or wrinkle my work. I heard Geoff’s intake of breath and realized he was seeing all my work for the first time. The pretty, the weird, and the gruesome—all together in one place as the tangible evidence I. Was. A. Freak.

If you could cast anyone to play some of the main characters who would you choose?I would cast a younger Brooklyn Sudano as Chelsea. Geoff would be Douglas Booth, since he can do that hot brooding look and has a British accent! And as for Stella, I think a younger Tia Mowry would be perfect. Lewis would be a gorgeous model—maybe like Zenith Harvey.
When did you first decide that you wanted to be an author?
I can’t remember a time I didn’t! I wrote and illustrated my first book when I was about 8, but I became serious about it in high school. I wrote a short story as an assignment, and all of us kids traded our stories for feedback. When the others said they enjoyed mine, I was hooked!

What is currently in your TBR pile?I’m reading Fatal by T. A. Brock! (Host note - that one's up soon on my list too!)
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 Born and raised in the American South, Sandi spent her youth reading Edgar Allen Poe, Stephen King,
and Agatha Christie. She spent many vacations traveling to Low Country South Carolina where she fell
in love  with the local ghost stories and folklore.   

Sandi currently lives in Arkansas with her husband, where she works as a high school teacher. She's  reviewed many YA novels for school library journals and has also published adult romance novels.



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  2. My favorite brooding bad boy is Robert Downey Jr. Love him in pretty much anything, but Iron Man rocks!