Monday, August 18, 2014

#WeekendWarrior Monday - Pikes Peak

 Nope, I didn't climb Pikes Peak. I did drive past it as I trailered my horse to a trailhead where we did 12.5 miles, and I committed to taking him to a 25 mile ride next weekend.
But... Pikes Peak. It is an amazing mountain. Great history, gorgeous views (check out the link) from below and on top.
And people love to climb it. It's a 14'er, so always on the list of those trying to climb them all. Every year around the 4th of July, car racers from all over the planet converge to see who can drive up the fastest. And in August are the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon.
Manitou Incline -

In the past, I've thought anyone who wanted to race up a mountain on foot was crazy. But annoyed I couldn't do it on horseback. Things have changed a bit. This year I lost 20 pounds and have exercised regularly.
Now when I see the reports of people climbing the Incline, I want to join them. The incline is in rough shape and is scheduled to be closed in a couple days, after the 2014 Pikes Peak Marathon is run. It should re-open this winter. I've made a goal to climb it when the weather is decent (it snowed on Pikes Peak a week ago, can happen any day of the year!) I haven't climbed a Fourteener since I was in high school--we won't discuss how long ago that was! This one is definitely going on the bucket list.
What physical challenges have you put on your bucket list? Are those goals getting closer? Please share your plans and what you do to make sure they don't remain in the bucket!

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