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Blog tour & giveaway - Michelle Reed's Missing in Atman #ya #paranormal #fantasy

Today I'm participating in a blog tour with my interview of Michelle E. Reed, author of the Life A.D. series, with book two, M.I.A.:Missing in Atman available now. First, some book and author information.

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Read through to the bottom for a giveaway, five winners will be drawn Jan 16, 2015 and receive a digital copy of Life AD 2: M.I.A.: Missing in Atman by Michelle E. Reed (Int accepted)


Title: Life AD 2: M.I.A.: Missing in Atman
Publication date: December 16, 2014
Publisher: Month9Books, LLC.
Author: Michelle E. Reed

Dez is finally hitting her afterlife stride. She hasn’t missed a meeting or session in forty-two days, and she’s put the adventures and danger of her first days at Atman behind her. Life after death is becoming tolerable, yet nothing is quite what she’d hoped. Confusion over her feelings for Charlie, residual resentment over losing Hannah, and a continuous stream of unwanted assignments leave Dez restless and argumentative.

In a missed encounter with Crosby, her prying gaze lands upon a single entry in the datebook on his unoccupied desk. These few, hastily scribbled words reveal an enormous secret he’s keeping from her. Possessed by a painful sense of betrayal, she once again sneaks off to Atman City, determined to find answers to an unresolved piece of her life.

It begins as all their adventures do, but as light falls into darkness, a stop in an unfamiliar neighborhood sets forth a chaotic series of events. Dez will have to fight for her very existence, and will face painful, irreparable loss in an afterlife teeming with demons wielding ancient powers.

In M.I.A.: Missing in Atman, the second book in the Atman City series, Michelle E. Reed continues the story of Dez Donnelly, pushing her to her limits and surprising readers at every twist and turn of the vast world that is Atman.

Death was only the beginning.


Michelle was born in a small Midwestern town, to which she has returned to raise her own family. Her imagination and love of literature were fueled by a childhood of late nights, hidden under the covers and reading by flashlight. She is a passionate adoption advocate who lives in Wisconsin with her husband, son, and their yellow lab, Sully.

Connect with the Author:  Website | Twitter | Facebook Goodreads


And now for the interview - enjoy the insight behind the story!

1. Where/how did you come up with the idea for your story? Did it suddenly pop into your head or were you brainstorming?
Thank you so much for hosting me during the M.I.A.: Missing in Atman blog tour!

The first glimmer of what would become my Atman City series came to me during a flight to Los Angeles in 2006. I was listening to a favorite song I’d heard many times before, about a man who is facing the loss of a loved one. In the song, he’s haunted by their memory and lingering presence. The idea of an afterlife crossroads came to my mind, and I got a vivid image of the train station in my head. To me, the departed soul in the song wasn’t leaving this life because he wasn’t ready. It got me thinking about an afterlife where unprepared souls became stuck in a limbo of sorts until they came to accept their deaths.

By the time the flight landed, I had the basic idea for Life, A.D. (book one) in mind, and the idea stuck with me for a couple of years until I finally had the courage to sit down and write a novel.

2. Did you start with the main character, the world, or the overarching concept?
I started with the train station, where souls would either get their ticket to move on in the afterlife, or find out they were “flagged” and unable to leave.

Then Dez came to me. I saw her death vividly, just as I did the station. I knew the book would open with her final moments. I could see the location on the side of a rural road, and could envision the car crash that took her life.

From there, I knew it was going to be a YA story, and I started focusing on the rules of the world and how things would be different for teens versus adults. That’s when I got the idea for Atman City, where the adults would go as they waited on their tickets to move on. It’s this glimmering jewel of a place full of potential and adventure, but strictly off-limits to underage souls.

3. Panster or Plotter? Or in between?
I’m totally a pantser. I wish I could plot. I would love to be able to outline. But I write like I’m watching a movie in my mind, moment by moment, scene by scene. I just let the characters tell me what happens next. Whether they want to or not, well, that’s another matter…

Although I have to say, I am a stickler for detail. Part of my revision process is making sure everything is consistent to the world I’ve created.

So it’s not all just no-rules craziness when I write.

4. Are you a fan of writing contests?
I think writing contests from legitimate sources can be a great way for new writers to get exposure. While not a writing contest, exactly, I did get my publication offer from Month9Books from what started as a four sentence pitch on their Facebook page, which they were allowing from unagented writers for a short period of time.

5. What do you like best about your mc?
I love Dez’s stubbornness. She never takes the easy way, and never follows the rules without a good reason. She questions authority and always stays true to herself. It can be pretty frustrating for those around her, but she has strength and courage that they can’t help but admire.

6. What do you like best about your main antagonist?
Hoo, boy…well, there’s a new antagonist in town (two, actually) in M.I.A.: Missing in Atman, and it’s hard to find anything to like about him/them. I would say that their history and where they come from are pretty amazing, and…yeah, still not likeable. They’re pretty much terrifying and awful. But, if any readers can find anything to like, drop me a line. :)

7. Anything else you'd like to share about your journey or your book launch including links or ways people can help spread the word?
I just want to thank the fans of the series for their support, and encourage you to follow along with the blog tour.

You can find the tour schedule at http://www.chapter-by-chapter.com/

Or keep up with the latest on Twitter: @Michelle_E_Reed, Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/author/show/6967794.Michelle_E_Reed
and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorMichelleEReed

Thanks to Michelle for providing us this look into her story. Now for the giveaway!

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