Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Winter horse update - and ... the ... move that isn't moving

We try to give our horses a break during the winter, and this year, the weather has cooperated, rather forced the down time to be more significant than normal. Usually southern Colorado has fabulous winter weather, sometimes even better than summer for someone like me who hates to sweat just for existing. This year has been cold, windy, and snowier than usual.

Can I really complain? No. Because those of you dealing with the storms back east are getting it way worse. We did put one of our horses in training - with amazing results. He can sidepass over a dozen 55 gallon drums, pirouette around a block with his front feet on top, and walk through dangling pool noodles - those are devil spawn according to my arabs!

Here's the really annoying part. We were supposed to have moved from Colorado to Oregon the first week of January. Then late January (which had perfect weather). Now, who knows. Maybe mid February. Maybe mid-March. Maybe April or May. Doesn't wok well for my control freak personality!

All because of the white buffalo. An organization that breeds white buffalo is renting the property we're trying to buy. And apparently they aren't real inclined to move. Partly because, well, moving 25 buffalo isn't easy. Partly because the people haven't found their dream house - and think they'll be able to afford $800,000 later this year because people will be giving the their life savings. I'm guessing none of that will happen and they'd stay forever, even though they don't want to be there. They just don't want to put any effort into taking control of their own lives even though people have found temporary places for the buffalo for them.

As much as this is affecting us, (I was supposed to start a job in Oregon today, we sold our tractor equipment and can no longer run our hay business, my husband's job won't have the same down time in the spring, and my mom's health issues will be much better at lower altitude) I really feel sorry for the seller. He isn't getting rent now, he isn't getting the money from our purchase, and will now have to pay higher capital gains on what is supposed to be his retirement nest egg. He's having to fight through an eviction from people willing to pull guns on process servers. And he's a nice guy, I'm sure he doesn't want to do this, but what choice does he have.

So I sit here in a half-packed house and map out riding trails in Oregon. But at least I have more time for book reviews! So bring them on. If you've got a book ready for review, a cover reveal, or book launch, just drop me an email. Now if the wind will stop blowing, I'm gonna go ride!


  1. UGH. crazy buffalo lady needs to go or I'm coming out there to make my cheese!

  2. And lots and lots of chili. 25 of them - we can invite all the writers out there!