Sunday, May 3, 2015

I get to live here! #Oregon #horses #amwriting (not!)

If you've followed this blog for the last few months, you know I moved from Colorado to Oregon. Not for a job or any outside reason. Purely because I researched for well over a year and decided that central Oregon (Bend) was the perfect place for us.

The main draw is the dedication to outdoor activities - trails. Tons of trails. I found a book which lists 1800 miles of trails for horses. And there are even more geared to bicyclists and OHV users. Then the views. Wow.

We lived near Colorado Springs. Pikes Peak is incredible. But here, there are 5-6 peaks just as awesome and a couple with glaciers, so snow capped year round. It just takes your breath away to drive to town. And something about this beauty and being so close to it AND the accessibility seems to make people happy. Just plain happy. The guy at the gas station, the WalMart employee, the waiter. Everyone smiles and enjoys doing the job that enables them to live in such a fabulous place.

Some people think I live in the boonies - a whole 12 miles from town, which is closer than I've lived in ages. My driveway isn't great (we'll work on it) but I live at the end of a road, bordered on three sides by the Oregon Badlands Wilderness.

These pictures came from around and on top of a lava hill 2.5 miles from my house. I rode my horse on top.

Right now, because of all this, I'm taking a break from writing, but I've got great ideas simmering based upon this awesome setting. In the meantime, I'll still be helping other writers get their works noticed, so feel free to drop me a line about hosting your release announcement, interviews, or other promotions. I've got several reviews in progress along with getting back in gear with swapping critiques and beta reads. Never far from the words - just staring out the window more often!

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