Saturday, October 17, 2015

Best in Blogs Oct 10-16 #amwriting #amreading #ya #mg

Here are the writing blogs that caught my eye this week.

Writer Unboxed
Excellent analogy on character conflict
"I’m going to use the agreement recently struck between Iran and the United States—with the assistance of the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, and China (the so-called P5+1)—as an instructional tool in how to stage complex, meaningful conflict in your fiction."

Sometiimes you just gotta do it, so make it sound natural
"Does your dialog writing sound natural or off-kilter? Does it read like real people talk, or like grade school children stumbling over their parts in a play? If you have patches of dialog in your novel that just don’t ring true, it may be because your exposition is showing."

Valerie Cole
Have books to donate for a good cause?
"Blog readers, can I ask for your help? I'd really love to collect and donate the following books for this women's shelter. They are a non-profit shelter for homeless, pregnant women and their newborn. I was told the residents love to read, especially while they are nursing."

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