Interviews & cover reveals

Would you like your contest or book launch posted on my site?

Just give me a shout and I'll put you on the schedule.

For author interviews, please answer the following questions and email them to me along with any graphics, giveaway links, and purchase links. If I have any further questions regarding your specific book, I'll let you know, but otherwise get your info posted as soon as possible.

1. Where/how did you come up with the idea for your story? Did it suddenly pop into your head or were you brainstorming?

2. Did you start with the main character, the world or the overarching concept?

3. Panster or Plotter? Or in between?

4. Are you a fan of writing contests?

5. How did you find your agent? How many query letters did you send?

6. What's the best marketing tool you've found so far?

7. What do you like best about your mc?

8. What do you like best about your main antagonist?

9. Anything else you like to share about your journey or your upcoming launch, including links to giveaways or ways people can help spread the word?

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