Monday, June 18, 2012

Exciting weekend!

My weekends rarely involve writing. They are horse and husband time - preferably together. This past weekend was no exception. We delivered a horse to a friend to try out for a week. Once there, we all got distracted, hoof trimming another and doing some vaccinations.

Well, the new horse went exploring on the 35 acre property and somehow managed to wiggle through/under a gate. No big deal, it's a valley, where could she go? The answer is up! She climbed a cliff and was just gone. We had to drive the long way around and by that time, she had a couple thousand acres to hide in.

I drove home to get my horse involved in the hunt. Following hoof prints worked until cows and later rain obliterated them. We knew she really couldn't leave the area and had plenty to eat. We put out buckets of water and went home to organize a posse for the next day.

But at 8pm, we got a call from friends in the area that had seen her while playing on their ATV's. They finally snagged her and we picked her up. A bit thirsty, but otherwise in great shape. She is now back at her new home getting to know a smaller area until she realizes this is home! Smart girl though, I never worried that she'd get herself in trouble.

People think our lives are exciting. I don't know - kinda par for the course for us. We're just happy both horse and people ended the day where they were supposed to be. This is Callie: fences, who needs fences?