Friday, September 5, 2014

No cover reveal today, so...randomness #amwriting #amreading

Red fox hanging out at our back door
Usually I post a Month9Books cover reveal on Fridays, but they didn't have one scheduled for today. Since I was on a great track to post each weekday this week and didn't want to break the streak (other than A to Z April,) you're getting some randomness and the exclamation points I had to remove from my ms.
I'm just posting a bit on my book related life and a cute picture of a fox that's been hanging around.
Currently I'm working through a YA fantasy with my local critique group. They're doing a fabulous job making sure I've got enough emotion (I'm not an emotional person - yeah, weird for a writer, right?!) and my characters are properly motivated.
Turns out it's not sufficient for someone to go on a quest for the adventure of it. Seriously? I would! Well, if I was 16 and pissed at my dad that is.
I learned this lesson a few years ago when I took my first book to a conference and found it's impossible to write a good log line if you don't really have a story. I shelved the book for a while, but lessons learned are itching to be applied after I've written a couple other books.
I'm also reading book 2 of the Vampire Academy series and book 3 of James Dashner's Maze Runner books (can't wait for the first movie!) Yeah, I like to read multiple books at once, and I try to read the age/genre that I'm currently writing/editing, or at least close to it. Up next is a couple books by Mike Hammor - because he commented on the rant by an author sick of her readers asking what order to read her books in (!!!!) and said he'd happily take her fans and give them two of his books for free. I'd never heard of the author since I don't read steamy romances, but his looked pretty good and he was kind enough to share with me as well. I've also got Anoosha Lalani's THE KEEPERS planned for a review in October and maybe another if I've got time.
I'd love to get some feedback on YA fantasies to read - I'm a huge fan of portal fantasies, less on high fantasy. Would love some good emotional scenes (not necessarily romance though) to get me into the right frame of mind! Thank you for commenting!!!

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