Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend Warrior Monday - dead trees and story brainstorming #amwriting

We're in the homestretch, so you won't have to hear about our house projects much longer. This weekend we took down dead trees and gathered up dried branches from trees we'd cut to make a fire barrier around the house and had a massive burn day in our fire pit. The weather was perfect, wet ground after a couple days of rain, but most importantly, no wind. What a difference!

Our master bath is nearly complete, just a couple details left. I also did a bunch of touch-up paint and painted a dinged up door.

Cramped hands, bruised and blistered hands, aching back and feet. Not bad for all that improvement.

We tried to ride Sunday morning, but an unexpected rainstorm and 10 degree temp drop sent us whimpering home to work on the house.

On the writing front, for my next critique group meeting, I'm hitting pages where I know the action and motivation isn't what it needs to be. I wimped out. In fact, I almost completely wimped out and planned to take the pages to group and just ask for advice based upon the existing pile of crap.

Saturday night, I couldn't sleep. Once I pass 1am, there's no hope, so I directed my thoughts to something productive rather than worrying about not being able to sell our house. It's still only in my head, but I have a plan to fix the scene. And most importantly, it takes my mc's goal and forces her to do something stupid while failing to achieve it. You have no idea how hard this is for me. I like it when my life goes as planned. Why can't it be the same for my characters? Yeah, yeah, snoozefest.

So when/how do you have your best "fix" moments for your ms? In the shower? Driving to work? Failing to sleep? Working on something else? Or are you lucky enough to sit down and work it out during a schedule writing sessions? Shower and not sleeping work best for me, but neither allow me to put it on paper while I think!


  1. You got this! And my e-mail is always open--if we lived closer the door would be ; )

    The shower is a brainstorming place. I think it's because there's no noise. Sometimes driving helps. I've used the voice recorder on my phone, but it sounds so dumb when I act out an incomplete scene lol.

    1. Thanks for the support!
      Yeah, I could never do a recorded thing, my thoughts aren't in complete sentences and I repeat many times. I probably use pictures more than words too.