Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend Warrior Monday - tile, weeds, and decks

As part (a sadly small part) of the list of tasks to complete before we list our house, we tackled three more projects since last week.
The granite was installed in our new master bath, so I spent three days putting up tile from the counter to the ceiling. It came out gorgeous, but it was tons of work. We still have to do grout, run the electrical for a second light and outlet, then hang mirrors, and install the sinks.
We rented a walk behind weed wacker to take care of some of the out of control areas of our property. Major improvement, but now have to take down some dead trees. Our neighbor burns firewood so he can have all the wood.
And then there's the deck. It has needed to be stained and sealed since we bought the house five years ago. I never even though it looked bad until we started painting. Wow, it's now gorgeous and makes the whole house look awesome.
I'm not sure how many blisters I have since half of them are covering up others. For anyone interested in what our property looks like, here's a link to our by owner listing - And if you know anyone looking for fabulous horse or mountain property in Colorado, please send this on. I'd love to give someone a $1000 thank you for sending us a buyer!

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