Friday, November 28, 2014

Book review! 4 stars for Eliza Tilton's Wicked Path #ya #fantasy

Wicked Path, by Eliza Tilton made for an excellent second trip to the world of Tarrtainya. Brother and sister Avikar and Jeslyn are once more split up, each trying to come to terms with the events of the first book, each running into one spot of danger after another.

The story progresses nicely with great action and just the right amount of hints to understanding the big picture, but enough left to learn to leave you determined to read the third book when it’s available.

The scenes are vivid and detailed. Eliza does a great job showing the richness of this world and the race planning to invade and destroy or enslave humans. Luckily there are a few chinks, and both Avikar and Jeslyn have a chance to save everything.

The cover of Wicked Path is fabulous – it caught my breath each time I opened it on my Kindle.

I highly recommend Broken Forest and Wicked Path. I give Wicked Path 4/5 stars. My only nits are a bit of passive voice and some weak or unnecessary words, just stuff I notice as someone who loves editing!

So here’s your Black Friday suggestion – go here and purchase your copy of Wicked Path and here if you need to catch up with Broken Forest first.

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