Saturday, April 11, 2015

Best in Blogs April 4-10 #amwriting #amreading

I'm still working on my cross-country move so this list will be a little short again. Please suggest others for our readers in the comments!

Writer Unboxed
Fabulous writer's resource - I'd particularly like your thoughts on this one - The Dangers of a Good Book. For me it's the opposite. A good book inspires me, sets my mood. Oh yes, I pull out a Maggie Stiefvater book any time I need emotion!
"Last week, I read a fantastic book. Good news, right? As writers we are all readers first, and there’s an unmatched joy in disappearing into a well-written book, or we wouldn’t be reading in the first place.

D. Robert Pease
One of my favorite MG authors, this isn't his blog link, but a link to his newsletter with a great list of free and reduced price kids books
"Today I'm part of a newsletter-subscriber-only sale of some AWESOME Books for Kids! Some are free, some are crazy-cheap-on-sale for only 99cents, and there are several available on audiobook for those long drives between practices and Spring Break. PLUS we have a gift card giveaway..."

Chasing the Crazies
Great author journey blog!
"There are many myths and misunderstandings about what goes into self publishing. Today I wanted to help clear up some of those fallacies by asking my good friend, and amazing author, Katie French to share her own experience with this publishing path."

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