Monday, April 20, 2015

First endurance ride of the season!

This past weekend we enjoyed some firsts! We just moved to beautiful central Oregon, so got to attend the first endurance ride of the season and our first in the region and meet lots of new people.

Because of the move (which was delayed an complicated a few times) we didn't have much time to get our horses ready for the ride. We normally try to ride the 50 mile distance, but we decided to start the season with a 10 mile fun ride for two of our geldings that are coming back from some lameness issues. Plus my husband was tossed off his youngster last year and not quite ready to push the limits until he's had more saddle time.

It was a lovely ride and both horses finished strong and quite capable of more. The next day I rode my experienced 50 miler mare, but just did the 35 mile ride - more because I'm not in riding shape than her!

I got to ride with a member of a team we've joined who has tons of experience, so I rode faster and more consistently than I've done in the past - part of my goals for this year. She'll be a wonderful mentor for me and my husband, so hopefully soon we'll be ready for 100 mile rides.

Central Oregon is a beautiful place to ride with panoramic views of snow-capped peaks. These peaks don't do it justice because of the distance, but many times on the ride my attention was completely captured by the beauty. No better sport to explore the country and share an experience with my horse.

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