Saturday, July 25, 2015

Best in Blogs June 18-24 #amwriting #amreading #ya #fantasy

Best in Blogs is back with my favorites for the week. Feel free to share yours in the comments so we can all visit.

Janice Hardy's Fiction University
I totally agree with her on this post!
"...I have a pet peeve with flash forwards. I’ve never seen them done well in books, movies, or TV shows, and they can even hurt my enjoyment of the story that follows..."

Writer Unboxed
What a great idea for inspiration!
"One of the great struggles of all writing is to create fresh, vibrant images and metaphors, to avoid the sin of telling and show the reader whatever it is we want them to see. "

Operation Awesome
Anyone looking for a popular blog to participate in?
"Some changes have been happening behind the scenes here at Operation Awesome, and with those changes, we have some spots now open for new bloggers to join our ranks!"

Marcy Kennedy
Really important concept I got (as a panster) and really helped my third book be much better than the previous ones!
"Most of us think of a logline, tagline, and pitch as marketing tools we write after we’ve written our story so that we can use them to land an agent or as our book’s cover copy.
We’re doing it backwards."

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