Saturday, July 4, 2015

Best in Blogs June 27-July3 #amwriting #amreading #ya #mg

Looking for some good blogs with writing tips or author experiences? Here's the weekly roundup. Please share in the comments if you know of others.

Janice Hardy's Fiction University
A lot of us have trouble writing action, here's a guest post with great advice.
"When we hear “action scene,” we mostly think of movies. And if your story contains a fast-paced action scene, you will probably want your reader to play it out in his head just like a movie: High speed, quick cuts, graphic images, lots of tension. Here are some techniques to give your reader a fast, exciting, high-octane experience."

Janice Hardy's Fiction University
She's on a roll with great posts! How to interpret some great advice...
"If I took a poll for the most common writing advice, “start with the action” would make the list. Which it should, as it’s great advice. But it’s also like “show, don’t tell.” We know we ought to do it, but we don’t always know how, and those four words don’t help." 

Writers in the Storm
Fixing an unlikable character is more than tossing in a "save the cat" moment! Post by Laura Drake
"I admit, odd people fascinate me. The marginal personalities, the walking damaged, the wierdos. When I look back in my life, it seems I’m the Pied Piper of The Quirky (Or maybe it just takes one to know one ;))"

Marcy Kennedy - Science Fiction and Fantasy Author
Does your writing have purpose?
"One of the main causes of the saggy middle syndrome many books suffer from is episodic writing. Episodic writing also makes our books feel slow to the reader."

Always in the Middle
Book reviews and more from a middle grade author
"This summer I decided to have some fun with a different way to get books into other reader’s hands with my own MG Book Drop."

Adventures in YA Publishing
Better check this one out asap if you want to win a critique!
"Our July workshop will open for entries at noon, EST, on Saturday July 4, 2015. We'll take the first five Middle Grade, Young Adult, or New Adult entries that meet all guidelines and formatting requirements."

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