Saturday, November 7, 2015

Best in Blogs Nov 1-7 #amreading #amwriting #ya #mg

These writing blogs stood out this week. Share in the comments any you enjoyed!

Fiction University
This was a big challenge for me on my first book - excellent advice!
"We all dream about that “perfect person,” but in fiction, perfect people make for bad novels. Everything always works out for them, so they lead boring lives and create boring stories. "

Writer Unboxed
Breaking down what makes a story work
" I binge-watched the AMC series Breaking Bad. Like many, I found the show addicting for both its storytelling and characters, and wondered how that was the case when the story itself seemed not-so-attractive from its one-line alone: “high school chemistry teacher turns meth-producer after he learns he has terminal cancer.” "

Jami Gold
Guest post on fixing POV issues
"Point-of-view errors come in two “sizes.” The big POV error is head-hoppingwhere we jump from one character’s viewpoint to another’s without a proper transition. Once we understand what head-hopping is, it’s usually pretty easy to spot."

Eliza Tilton
My critique partner is celebrating new covers for her series and a new novelette with a giveaway!
"The Daath series has new covers! With the novelette publishing this December, and the final book set to publish in spring 2016, the series got one heck of a makeover."

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