Saturday, November 28, 2015

The thing taking up all my time! #horses #saddles #Oregon #riding

Well, this blog is called On Writing and Riding, although it's almost entirely focused on writing and helping promote authors through their cover reveals, book launches, and reviews. I've gotten a few horse related posts in, but writing has been the focus.

Recently, my life has undergone a bit of a change in focus. We moved from Colorado to Oregon because of the great opportunities for trail riding and endurance events. This was a perfect decision, I wish I'd done it a decade earlier in my life because now I realize there's not enough time left in my life (and I'm not that old!) to discover everything Oregon has to offer.

Now that I'm in an area so dedicated to outdoor activities and horseback riding, I'm able to return to one of my previous passions. That's helping owners determine if their saddles fit their horses and also to sell saddles.

So I am now the US dealer for Ghost Treeless saddles. Probably not something most of you writers care about, but I do have a few horse-loving followers! These saddles are amazing and have replaced a saddle I swore I'd use forever - that cost $3000 - for one that's just as good and priced well under $1000. The response has been fantastic, so I'm spending tons of time talking saddles.

My new website is Badlands Equine - after the Badlands Wilderness our property is surrounded by. Somehow it seems fitting for a saddle called Ghost!

Ah, I love my life. Plus this is the view from my office!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and has as much to be thankful for as I do.

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