Wednesday, June 13, 2012

YA Highway's Road Trip Wednesday!

This Week's Topic:
If you could go on a writing retreat anywhere, where would you go & who would you bring?
Well, I just missed one of the coolest sounding writing retreats I've heard of: Literature & Landscape of the Horse. It's located in beautiful Wyoming. Of course I would want to take my wonderful horse Bahzra. He's a 12yo Polish Arabian gelding that I adopted from a horse rescue. When he came to the rescue, he was 7 years old, completely untrained (not even halter trained) and still a stallion. He still has plenty of attitude, but he loves what we do and understanding his mind has been quite the learning experience.
Vee Bar Guest Ranch


  1. I love horses, and I think a ranch would be a pretty great place to get some writing done. My parents took us to Wyoming when I was a kid (we're from Canada), and we absolutely loved it. Of course, I'd probably want to keep jumping up from my writing just to go pet the horses and say stuff like, "Pretty horsey" to them. :)

  2. I used to have a horse and ride everyday - haven't in years now though! Would love to go there to get back on the horse, literally ;)

  3. Ah man, sign me up! Two of the things I love most: horses and writing.

  4. Horses and writing sounds great!

  5. What a wonderful idea! It looks beautiful and quite an original concept :D I wonder if maybe one writes differently when being surrounded by so much nature and trying to reconnect with the present.

    1. Yeah, I bet I'd write differently. Probably wouldn't manage to finish any sentences! But that's what editing is for, I guess.

  6. If you want to combine your love of horses with your fiction, I think this would be an ideal retreat! Of course, there's the temptation to go riding when you should be writing... :)