Saturday, February 22, 2014

So what about the riding thing?

I've entirely focused this blog on writing so far this year. It's time to toss in a bit about the other half of my life. During winter my horse life winds down a bit, but we usually try to ride once a week.

This year I have three horses I want to compete (I do endurance) and that means I should work harder through the winter. But I spent November, December, and part of January (when the weather was quite reasonable) training other people's horses. That's rewarding and I did accomplish a lot, but I ignored my own. And as soon as the training horses left, winter hit for real. Crazy snow, cold, and the most horrible wind ever. Howling nasty ugliness. Makes me want to unshelve my first book, which is based upon Elementals and events in a parallel world affecting the weather in our world. Yeah, there must be some nasty stuff going on in Tirasvara!

I'm still focusing on my MG books (querying book 1 and getting Mighty Mike in trouble on Mars in book 2) and trying to sneak in a few rides before the wind realizes and tries to blow us to another state.

Here's a pic of my primary mare. She's 7 years old, a purebred arab, and off the track. She's small so didn't do well on the track, but has a ton of heart. She loves leaping over crazy terrain and can't understand the value of walking. For a whole 50 miles. I'm thinking she needs to do a 100 miler this year! If the wind stops blowing long enough to get us both in shape.

So what do you do for fun aside from writing?

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