Friday, March 14, 2014

T.A. Brock's FATAL blog tour - excerpt, review, and giveaway!

Here's an excerpt from FATAL, by T.A. Brock. Below is my review, and then if you behave yourself, a lovely rafflecopter giveaway.

“You need to back up,” he said, his voice strangled.
Her eyes roamed all around his face. She recalled last night when he’d been so tender with her, the way he’d looked. It had transformed him into something real—not the stony façade he so liked to wear. Now, gazing in his eyes, she could see it again. It was there just under the surface.
She didn’t back up. She didn’t shrink back at all. She inched closer.
His eyes widened, the brown-flecked green all she could see. His short breaths puffed between them. “If you come any closer I’m going to kiss you. I won’t be able to help it,” he said desperately.
The declaration shocked her, sent a jolt of anticipation straight through her. Even the rock beneath her felt warmer. And yet he sounded ominous, as if his words were meant as a warning.
What would it be like, she wondered, to be kissed by him? She was still reeling from the fact that he wanted to. She wanted the same thing. She’d wanted it last night. Maybe even from the first day. But then she realized he’d said “if.” That meant she had to do something first. What was it? Oh yeah, move closer.

My review:
I did receive a free ARC copy, which in no way biased my review.

A couple years ago I wondered if there was a way to write a story where zombies could be the love interest, the hot guy like some versions of Dracula, like sparkly Edward, like the truly hot Jacob. Vampires and werewolves, why not zombies. Ugh because they fall apart, right?

Well, I did manage to outline a story, but that’s as far as I went. However T. A. Brock saw her own vision and carried through in her novel FATAL.

Cori moved to the small town of Asher after her father died in an accident, and both she and her mom are still grieving. Amidst the difficulty of dealing with a new school, Cori makes a couple new friends. But the only person she really cares about is Grayson, a brooding (and of course hot) guy that no one likes. And with good reason, he drives them all away, dealing with his own demons and certain no one could ever like – or love – him.

But Cori breaks through his icy façade. And for good reason. They’re destined to meet. Or is it something more?

FATAL was a fun read. Especially because of  my own dabbling in the zombie world, but I enjoyed the depth of all the main characters and just how determined Cori was to first help anyone who needed it, but how she refused to be turned away even by someone who claimed he would – and did – hurt her.

I give FATAL 4 of 5 stars – definitely worth checking out.

Before you jump into the giveaway, please comment below - did you think it was possible to write a zombie love story?
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