Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Warrior Monday #amwriting #Thanksgiving

The last week has been crazy! Hubby and I celebrated Thanksgiving with my dad, his wife and my half-sister. Beautiful meal and great conversation.

Then we returned home to get me and Mom ready to go to Utah to visit both of my sisters, their husbands, and my niece, who is also a budding writer. I've brought back the start of her book to critique, which I'm looking forward to.

Since Ogden Utah was almost exactly halfway between our current home in Colorado and our new home in Bend, Oregon, we decided to drive on. We'd loaded the Jeep with a lot of our art, which is always hard to stuff in a moving van. We took another peek at the new house, left the Jeep at our realtor's place, and she took us to the airport.

Then things got fun! Every 20 minutes, we'd get a text saying our plane to San Francisco was delayed by a short time. No problem, we had a 3.5 hour layover in SF. Well, that was slowly eaten away. But just as making the connection became impossible, we got another text saying the SF to Colorado Springs flight was delayed by four hours.

Not fun for poor hubby who was going to be waiting for us, then driving home after 3am, but at least we'd make it. Apparently, SF was flipping around runways and messing with all kinds of flights because that last text was a fake. Our flight to Colorado left right on time, while our plane was circling, waiting to land.

Someone told me there was a flight to Denver, but couldn't get me on it. I needed to wait in the Customer Service line. Great. It was a mile long and not moving. There were three people working it, then one left and never came back. So one of the others decided to go look for him and she never came back either. There must be a door to the Bermuda Triangle in the SF airport.

People in the line were laying on the floor sleeping. That's how little progress was being made. I left my mom in line and looked for someone else who could help. They all said CS was the only way. I went back to the line (which hadn't moved) and tried calling the number on the screen above the CS guy's head. It was no longer in service.

I got online and tried calling United. They said for an extra $150 they could book me on a flight the following day. Wow, so totally useful. I send my mom to the gate that I thought I'd heard the Denver flight was on. Luckily, before going that distance, she found someone at a gate who looked up the flight and said if we ran, we could make it.

The reason no one else seemed to know about that flight was because it should have gone out hours before. We ran. Plane was scheduled to leave at 9:10pm, we got to the gate at 9:02 with no documentation because my stupid United app decided to crap out. But they figured it out and got us on the plane in time to sit on the tarmac for another half hour. At least that gave me time to text my husband and figure out what time we'd get to Denver.

Home by 3am! Slept til 9 - which is a lot for me since we have horses to take care of. A couple more days of catching up on sleep. Now time to catch up with my critique group and pack!

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Any crazy stories?

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