Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ah, blogging from #AtoZ thoughts

Blogging from A to Z  is a challenge to post 26 days through the month of April, each day's topic starting with the next letter. More info here, if you haven't seen this before. Or if you're ready to sign up, go here.

Are you participating?

I had so much fun last year and would love to do it again. Buuuut, my life is totally up in the air right now. We are supposed to have moved to Oregon by now, but there is a renter in the property we have a contract in, and she won't leave.

Granted, she has kind of unique requirements as she runs a non-profit and has 25 white buffalo. Check out this site if you're interested - they are awesome animals. Here's the Facebook page and they are looking for donations to help them find the right property for the herd.

What all this means to us is that we will likely be moving during the month of April, instead of January as planned. Not a great time to attempt to come up with 26 awesome posts. I'd originally planned to come up with 26 amazing things we'd found around Bend - trails, mountains, waterfalls etc. Just won't have the same impact to do it without my own pictures and experiences.

And I'm just a little bit grumpy about the delay, so not quite motivated to come up with a new theme and schedule the posts.

So I'm going to live vicariously through you guys. I plan to visit as many blogs (and comment) as I'm able to between final packing, two trips with moving vans and horses, unpacking, and setting the property up.

If you want me to make sure I visit your blog, leave the link in the comments below and I'll be there!

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