Saturday, April 18, 2015

Best in Blogs April 11-17 #amwriting #amreading

Here's a few of the awesome blogs I ran across this week. There were lots more with people participating in Blogging from A to Z, so if you want to follow those, go here.

Query Shark
The amazing Janet Reid tackles the good, bad, and ugly of query letters. You can participate too!
"Sandra Lee Johnson is on the run. 
From, of all people, the CIA.
Which, she thinks, is patently unfair. Since Sandra is working for a DIA contractor, they’re all on the same side, right? ..."

Adventures in YA Publishing
"Writing Tools You Want on Your Bookshelf Plus Win THE SHADOW CABINET by Maureen Johnson"

Fiction University
Janice Hardy, author and blogger, has the best blog out there for writing craft.
"I’ll be honest—description is my least favorite thing to write. I always have to do a revision pass specifically to add more description, and I have critique partners whose job it is to whack me with the description stick when I slack off. Because of this, I’ve created little games to make it more fun for me. 

If you have a similar distaste (or you’re just looking for fun tips to help with description), try this:"

Janet Reid, Literary Agent
You've got to follow this blog! Today, when not to over-analyze your query letter.
"I sent the question about some agents wanting a two paragragh "intriguing" query and some wanting a full on synopsis, and what to do when you don't knwo what they want."

Flogging the Quill
Ray Ramey's feedback helps a writer show huge improvement! Cast your vote.
"The bodies are cold when I find them.
Crouched in the snow, my cloak pulled tightly about my shoulders, I touch the frozen face of a child twisted in fear. Her stomach was been ripped open revealing stiff, blackened innards."

What's your favorite writing blog? Inquiring minds and lonely bloggers want to know!

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