Saturday, March 7, 2015

Best in blogs - March 1-6, 2015

This week I'm starting a new feature on my blog. I'm sharing links to blogs I follow that sparked my interest, but might have been missed in the busy blog world. I hope you enjoy, and if there are blogs you've appreciated, please share with all of us in the comments - the more the merrier!

Flogging the Quill
Ray Rhamey helps writers make sure their first page grabs the reader.
"The Flogometer challenge: can you craft a first page that compels me to turn to the next page? Caveat: Please keep in mind that this is entirely subjective."

Query Shark
Want your query critiqued by the best in the biz?
"How To Write Query Letters ... or, really, how to revise query letters so they actually work... Dear Query Shark"

Fiction University
Join the master blogger on writing skills as she spends the month of March helping us get that NaNoWriMo project ready for the light of day.
"Day One: Analyze the Story Structure... Stage One: Plot and Structure Issues... Welcome to Day One of Fiction University’s Month-Long At-Home Revision Workshop. This first stage is all about getting the story and plot worked out, and identifying any holes or..." 

Writers In the Storm
Great blog on writing process... and today... marketing!
"Congratulations! You published a book. It’s out there in the world, all new and shiny, bouncing like the newborn its constantly compared to. The hard part is over, right?"

Hey, Picture Book writers! A contest for you!
"Spunky. Adorable. Heartwarming.
Those are some of the words that describe picture/chapter books. I'm happy to join with Sharon Chriscoe to do a little something for a group that is left out of most contests. This mini-contest is for you!"

One of my favorite looks into the world of agenting - hilarious!
"Wanta save humankind, raise the world to the next level of civilization, enrich yourself, publish rational exciting dream books, make them wonderful reality of tomorrow?" 

Miss Snark's First Victim
Contest announcement!
"March Secret Agent Early Info
Please note: This is NOT the call for submissions! The contest will open next Monday, March 9."

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