Thursday, March 19, 2015

Book tour: Review of The Keeper by Dalia Roddy #supernatural

Welcome to my stop on Dalia Roddy's book review tour. Enjoy my review and then continue on to today's second post which features two great MG books and a giveaway. 

THE KEEPER, by Dalia Roddy 
Genre: Supernatural-Thriller 
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Date of Release­­: December 8, 2014

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An ancient box is found, and its mysterious occupants released. They seem benign, the small, floating creatures freed from the box… until they begin multiplying. Until Guy, Saul, Emily, and her ten-year old twins find themselves sucked into a whirlpool of terror. For the pretty little floaters have bonded them, and are taking something from them… and giving back something even more dangerous.
What they give back is new to the world. It is something three desperate mercenaries want, and will kill to get. Unable to negotiate with their murderous hunters, Guy, Saul, Emily, and the girls find themselves fleeing for their lives.
Yet, unknown to all, a deeper threat is growing: Without a Keeper, the creatures are making their move…

 My Review:

The Keeper is a fascinating book, certainly unique in concept. It will pull the reader back to continue the journey as the character's basic personality is twisted, changed. Through the entire book, you will want to know what the creatures want, what they're trying to accomplish, if the changes they make with the humans they've bonded to are on purpose. Those changes vary wildly, from useful super powers to nuances in sensory perceptions.

The author goes into great detail showing the world through each character and the imperatives upon their actions caused by the creatures desires. It's an interesting read, nothing like I've ever read before.

I especially enjoyed the relationship of the twins and how their bond allowed them to embrace the "gifts" of the creatures.

While the reader in me enjoyed the unique story, my editor side would have made some changes. In many places, often right as action started, the characters fell into their memories with a bit too much detail. I think the length of the book could easily be cut by 20%, but for those that appreciate more description than I do, you'll love this book even more. I'm also not a fan of omniscient writing, it lends to frequent head-hopping, often within a paragraph, and more telling than showing. But that's one of those things I notice as a writer and editor. My reader self would have read blissfully on a decade ago!

I do recommend the book for its uniqueness and fascinating concept. In fact, it even spawned a story idea for me, which I just might start outlining in the near future! 

About The Author:

Dalia Roddy and her husband live in Nevada. She is the author of A CATCH IN TIME and is currently at work on her third novel.

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  1. Dalia's book sounds awesome. I love books like this. I do know what you mean about backstory and the omniscient writing issue. But I think this book could make a weekend visit at my house. Thanks for the great review. I am also a horse rider/writer. We have horses here on our NC farm. So nice to meet you. Happy Blitz Day!

  2. It's amazing how many writer/riders there are! Hope you're getting some good riding weather and thanks for posting.