Monday, March 9, 2015

Calling all people good at coming up with names! #amwriting #giveaway #ya #fantasy

Hello all my lovely writerly friends!

I need some suggestions for naming a character in my WIP. It's a YA portal fantasy, and in this world, some people develop powers based upon a connection to nature, typically something that aligns with their personality.

My mc is the daughter of a nurse and a physicist, and she has tendencies to help out the underdog (picked on kid, rescue a neglected horse). In the fantasy world, this gets her in trouble when she blindly trusts those she feels sorry for, but in the end, her nurturing, empathic sense saves the day when she is able to heal the broken minds of damaged people.

It's been suggested that the physicist father have a better nickname for her than "honey." So I'd love to come up with something physics related (like Meg's dad called her Megatron in A Wrinkle in Time) or something from tv/movie/books with a nurturing/healing/empathic character.

And a name/nickname probably starting with the same letter at least.

I have a couple ideas that I don't love - and I won't share in case they lead you down my same dead end road!

Please throw me some suggestions in the comments. You'll be well thanked in my acknowledgements! Or maybe even an Amazon GC! Yes, I like that idea. If I use your idea, I'll send you a $15 GC.

After you comment, go here for a fun winter/romance book blitz from Month9Books with a giveaway.

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