Saturday, August 8, 2015

Best in Blogs Aug 1-7 #amwriting #amreading #ya #mg #fantasy

Have fun checking out my weekly roundup of favorite writing blogs. Join in the frivolity by posting your own!

Writers in the Storm
A great post on internal dialogue by Marcy Kennedy
"If I took a survey asking writers what the most important elements of fiction were, I’d probably end up with a few consistent answers—plot, characters, dialogue, showing rather than telling.
We might not automatically think of including internal dialogue on the list, but we should."
Fiction University
Excellent advice on creating a meaningful midpoint reversal in your story
Today, let’s tackle the point that changed my writing life forever—the midpoint reversal. "

Middle Grade Mayhem
See the evolution of one successful writer's process - are you going through the same thing?
I wrote my first book organically five years ago (which remains hidden in a shoebox). I got up Monday through Friday and free-wrote from 4:30am to 6:30am and in seven months I had that first novel."
Brenda Drake
Are you planning to enter Pitch Wars? Here's info, plus links to the mentors vying for your submission
Welcome to the mentors’ wishlist blog hop! From today until submission day, use the linky below to hop to all the mentors’ websites/blogs to read their bios, wishlists, and what categories and genres they want to mentor. At the end of this post, you will find the rules and submission guidelines for August 17."
Excellent article on how to handle the oh-so-exciting Revise &Resubmit
 I reached out to Kate Brauning, Senior Editor at Entangled Publishing, and asked if she would provide an inside look at what she considers before offering an R&R on a manuscript. Hopefully her words will provide a better understanding of the process and what it takes to make the experience a successful one...."

Miss Snark's First Victim
Contest prep - get those loglines ready!
"As we head toward submissions for ON THE BLOCK (a little over a month from now!), it's prime time for sharpening your loglines and getting them ready for the contest. "

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