Saturday, August 1, 2015

Best in Blogs July 25-31 #amwriting #amreading #ya #sciencefiction #sci-fi #fantasy

Here's my favorite blogs of the week and boy, one's a doozy!

Book View Cafe
A post and an opportunity from Ursula K Le Guin
"I have enough vigor and stamina these days to write poems, for which I am very thankful.... Reliable vigor and stamina is also required to teach a class or run a workshop, and so I had to give up teaching several years ago. But I miss being in touch with serious prentice writers.... I’m going to try an experiment: a kind of open consultation or informal ongoing workshop in Fictional Navigation, here on Book View CafĂ©....
I invite questions about writing fiction from people who are working seriously at writing fiction."
Writer Unboxed
Great group of writers share their insight and journeys
"Let me start with a confession.
It’s something I’ve told no one. Not my former blogging partners at What Women Write. Not my friends here at Writer Unboxed. Not my parents, my children, and certainly not my spouse."
Fiction University
Can't have a week without an awesome post from Janice Hardy - great post on "setup"
"Writing can be a confusing endeavor. The same words can mean very different things depending on the context, which can make it hard to fully understand certain concepts. "

Agency Lessons
Author and agent Sarah Negovetich lays out nailing that first line
"Nothing seems to send authors into a tail spin more than the first line of their novel. There are too many horror stories out there of agents who will stop reading after the first sentence if I doesn't scream brilliance."

Marcy Kennedy
Sci-fi & fantasy author Marcy Kennedy has some great ideas to push your writing skills
"I wanted to take a quick break from posts on writing craft topics and instead give you a list of fresh techniques to help you become a better writer."

Writer Unboxed
Excellent article for self-pubbed writers getting that book into a local bookstore
"I’ve just completed a two-year stint as a part-time bookseller at a lovely independent bookstore. Aside from the obvious bliss of having spent two years surrounded by books and people who love them, I also came away with a new perspective regarding authors and how they approach their close allies, bookstores."

Operation Awesome
Great writing advice and today... publishing advice from a publisher!
"I’ve been thinking about the publishing business even more than usual lately due to the release of my second book, For Exposure: The Life and Times of a Small Press Publisher. In the book, I lay bare the ups and downs of running a small press and pull back the curtain on some of the more lascivious details of my ten years as editor. "

So what did you read this week that you'd like to share with the rest of us? Comment below!

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