Saturday, August 22, 2015

Best in Blogs August 15-21 #amwriting #amreading

Here's my weekly roundup!

Writer Unboxed
Great writing resource
"First impressions count.  And your title is the first impression you make on your readers.  Problem is, there isn’t much to a title.  In fact, they’re considered so content-free that you can’t copyright one.  You could call your next book The Great Gatsbyand no one could complain – legally, at least.  So if you only have a handful of words to draw your readers in, how do you pick the right ones?"

Writing for kids - writing with an accent
"The problem with writing with an accent is that it becomes another language, and the reader is forced to spend mental energy deciphering the phonemes instead of figuring out the story."

Arrant Pedantry
I love this blog on Grammar "rules"
"I recently became aware of a column in the Chicago Daily Herald by the paper’s managing editor, Jim Baumann, who has taken upon himself the name Grammar Moses. In his debut column, he’s quick to point out that he’s not like the real Moses —“My tablets are not carved in stone. Grammar is a fluid thing.”"

Ooh, I bet most of us need to read this one!
"A compound adjective is where you have two or more adjectives before a noun and the adjectives modify each other and not the noun. If you're not an English major (like me) that can make you dizzy. So lets do this with examples:"

Query Shark
Good summary of wording your query letter
"1  A query letter is a business letter
The purpose is two-fold
            1a Entice the agent to read your pages/request the full manuscript
            1b Demonstrate you are not loony tunes."

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