Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Warrior Monday #amwriting #mg #ya #horses

This turned out to be a fairly crazy week and, as usual, things didn't go to plan. On Thursday, I spent the morning in the ER with my mom. She choked on a piece of chicken and couldn't get it out. She could breath and talk fine, just not eat or drink. Found out her esophagus is half the size it should be. Now she knows why she has to chew her food really well. Glad I didn't inherit that - I love food too much to stop myself from gulping! She's fine and has some really neat pics now.
So my riding plans for Thursday got moved to Friday. No big deal except that it was exceptionally hot on Thursday and didn't cool off overnight. So Friday started hot and just got worse. I ended up riding Pico in 98 degrees. We did 10 miles, but I felt bad for him and ended up leading for 3 miles. Thank god for Gatorade!
When I finished the ride, I hid in the air conditioned house and stared at the monitor. Thanks to the lovely @Vicki_Leigh, I won a submission package critique during her cover reveal of CATCH ME WHEN I FALL (which I loved!!!).  She sent back my query and synopsis with very insightful comments for my MG ms, MIGHTY MIKE AND THE INTERGALACTIC CANDY DISPENSER. Oh, things are shaping up nicely. Watch out agents, queries coming your way.
My little mare Ava has decided she doesn't like riding alone, so I ride her days I can find a riding partner. Saturday I rode on the Air Force Academy, a 12 mile loop called the Falcon trail. It's tons of fun with hills and rocks and water and golf courses. I only had to sit a few bucks when Ava decided she wanted to gallop rather than trot nicely. Her race track brain surfaces occasionally.
I took Sunday easy and just rode Pico for 6 miles. We have an endurance ride coming up next weekend (ought to have some good stories from that) and try to give the horses a break for a few days before. This is all new to Pico. He'll be doing his first 25 miler. Ava will be doing 50 miles. My husband will be sitting in the horse trailer nursing his wounds and grumbling that he can't ride.

What did you do this weekend? Writing or a hobby or family/friend activities? Hope you had a good one and would love to hear from you all!


  1. oh, man. That must've been scary! Glad she's okay. I had a family reunion and now I'm back to edits!

  2. Sometimes family reunions are mentally intense! Have fun with your edits - got to be exciting that close to book 2!!!