Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Warrior Monday

Our weekend started on Friday - as all good weekends should! We finally got around to another tar-and-feather session by unloading six tons of hay. In 85 degrees and high humidity (well, high humidity by Colorado standards, it doesn't take much to feel yicky for me.)
Then time to re-shower and go out for date night. For those of you who have a Hu Hot Mongolian Grill in your area and haven't tried it - you MUST! It's so good. I'm a picky eater, so any time I have a chance to put together my own food, I'm happy. But once you choose your rice or noodles, meat, veggies, and sauces, the very entertaining cooks have fun cooking over and open grill and sometimes singing or shouting. Great atmosphere.
We're planning our next endurance ride for August 1st and 2nd. We plan to ride two backup horses for 25 mountainous miles the first day and our main horses for a 50 the second day. So four horses to get in shape.
Saturday we took the main horses to do 20 miles of the same trail the 50 will be on. As usual, things didn't go as planned. My husband is riding a relatively young horse who sometimes blows up when he doesn't get his way. This time he wanted to follow some joggers and didn't like hearing no. So he bucked hubby off bad. Knocked his breath out so hard it sounded like he'd punctured a lung. At least it wasn't that, but he sprained a wrist and wrenched his shoulder. I had to leave him on the trail near the road while I led the horses back 4 miles to get the truck. He's not moving so well today. Yay for Vicodin.
I knew hubby wouldn't be able to ride Sunday, but if Pico (pictured) is going to do his first 25, I need to get him a little bit in shape. So I took him out alone for the first time and found out what a brave boy he is. No spooking and he had fun. He's a little stumbly on the rocks, but his feet are still a work in progress. He was tired by the end, but not complaining about his feet, so I was happy.
With hubby unable to do fence work, I found a couple hours to rewrite the first chapter of a YA ms I started a few years ago. My first ms, actually. I'd shelved it and am hoping to pull something out of the quagmire. Critique group gave the opening a thumbs down, so I have another attempt. I hate beginnings!

Anyone want to sign up for one of my weekends?

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