Saturday, June 20, 2015

Best in Blogs June 13-19 #amwriting #amreading

Here's my weekly roundup of writing blogs that seemed important to me. Got some to share?

Janice Hardy's Fiction University
What is your reading and writing time worth?
"A recent article got my husband and I chatting over lunch about the value of a book (more of an intellectual debate really), and Jody Hedlund’s post on books vs. burgers got me thinking about it even more."

Writer UnBoxed
What's the purpose of YOUR pen?
"In the back yard of a Canadian middle-class home, a ten-year-old child plays with his neighbor while the supervising adult works in the garden. “What are those?” the visitor asks, pointing to freshly unearthed carrots, their ragged tops still attached. He’s an accomplished eater of store-prepared vegetable trays, with their polished and uniformly rounded “baby” carrots; nevertheless, when the adult provides the answer, it seems beyond ridiculous to him."

Writer Unboxed
Wow, what a list!
"Over the years I have found several bits of writing advice that work for me. They may not work for you, but I hope they’ll illustrate how you can pick and choose the tips that fit your unique process.
Ray Bradbury’s lists..."

Project Mayhem
Must read 2015 MG books!
"There are so many incredible middle-grade titles releasing this year, I decided to dedicate my posts these next months to sharing as many as I can with you."

Horse-n-Around on the PCT
This is a horse blog I recently started following - a lady with 3 horses is riding the Pacific Crest Trail (see the movie Wild?) This was a pretty scary post, but you can look back for other calmer, but still fascinating days.
"We’ve skipped the Sierra Nevada mountains for now as we wait for the resent snow fall to melt. So I’ve picked up the trail at Hwy 88 south of lake Tahoe. The first day I rode up and met Pat at Hwy 50 near Echo Lake. "

Writers in the Storm
Excellent post that  will help many jump from telling to showing!
"In real life, being judgmental might cause a few problems, but in fiction, it’s something every character should aspire to. How characters–especially the point of view characters–judge the world around them shows readers what that world is like and how it works (and even non-genre writers need to world build, it’s just a little different in the details)."

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