Saturday, June 6, 2015

Best in Blogs May 30-Jun5 #amwwriting #amreading

Here are links to some of the blogs I ran across with a great topic, meaningful advice, or just plain interesting. You'd make my day if you post a link to your favorites or even your own blog so I can visit. Then scroll down for an interview with author Ty Drago and giveaway!

Janice Hardy's Fiction University
As always, some of the best, detailed writing advice - with Bob and the zombies!
"While working on my current novel, I reached a pivotal scene that involved a lot of subtext (where the characters aren’t talking about they’re really talking about, or what's going on has greater meaning under the surface)."

Sarah Negovetich
How to get that ms ready for an editor!
"I was talking to an editor last week and something he said really stuck with me.
"Editors aren't looking for a fixer-upper."
Of course, I knew this already. But the imagery of a fixer-upper really got inside my head. If you've ever been house hunting then you know exactly what to expect when a listing says "needs a little TLC". It means you should plan to dedicate all your weekends for the next year to stripping old wall paper, fixing loose wiring and hanging gutters. It means that the house could be great, but right now, it's not. It's a fixer-upper."

Brenda Drake
First page critique opportunity!
"I’m holding a first page workshop with some of our wonderful Pitch Wars mentors during the month of July! They’ll critique your first page and help you shine it up to snag an agent or a mentor (if you’re entering Pitch Wars this coming August)."

Storyfix - Larry Brooks
Dialogue can be tough, here's some great advice
"Dialogue is the most trusted and most human aspect of story. Sure, we love the action and the conflict, but what we seek in a story in order to make it real for us is what the characters actually say to each other. We often skip to that part in a novel because we find it the most relateable part of any story. "

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