Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Here's a contest you don't want to miss!

When you've dusted off the cobwebs from New Year's Eve and are sitting there, staring at a shiny new 2014 wondering what it holds in store for you, decide that this is the year. A contest, an awesome, clever query letter, polished first pages. You're going to take the next step in your publishing career.

Here's one way to get started. The Sun Vs Snow contest. Maybe you're surrounded by snow and love it, or are yearning to sunbathe. Or maybe looking at bare ground or ocean makes you wish you could build a snowman or strap on a pair of skis., Or have you declared no one will ever pull you kicking and screaming from those warm southern states?

Either way, you must visit Michelle Hauck's blog. Tomorrow, Jan 1, 2014, she'll be posting the amazing agents for this contest. Amy Trublood's site lists the wonderful mentors who've signed up to help you polish all the details of your entry.  Keep an eye on both of them for the contest details - entries accepted Jan 18th.

These are both blogs you should be following on a regular basis, and check out Michelle's book too.

Now go enjoy your New Year's Eve - responsibly of course, but with all the abandon that tell the world you will get noticed in 2014.

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