Tuesday, December 3, 2013

NaNo - the end. Well, not quite.

My NaNo goal was 40k words. Partially because I expect that to be the range of the total word count for this Middlegrade project, and partially because I rarely have time to write on the weekends. Not to mention Thanksgiving and the celebration of the demise of most flies so I can spend more time with the horses.

I didn't quite make 40k. I stopped writing for the month on the 25th at just under 32k. Tuesdays I meet with my in-person critique group and Wednesday we left for Vegas to spend Thanksgiving with family. Seriously, family. I didn't gamble once. I watched, watched people, enjoyed great food, and even went bowling.

In the end, this all worked out great for my book. I'm at the final setup of "All is Lost" and some simmering time (sitting in a vehicle for 12 hours) helped me come up with some great ideas.

I plan to spend December crafting the end of the story, nice and slow. And then on to my favorite part - editing!

I hope everyone out there who tried NaNo came through with a positive experience, regardless of word count. And I'm looking forward to editing your NaNo projects!

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