Friday, December 6, 2013

Kickstarter project - a word game worth supporting!

I usually keep a couple word/letter type games open on my pc while I'm writing, like Boggle and TextTwist. Yeah, there's the risk they can be distracting, but they also help. They're mindless for the most part, but they still require the language side of my brain. So if I get stuck trying to come up with just the right word or need to smooth out a scene, a little detour helps. I think I'm playing, but in the back of my mind, the right words are forming. When I switch back to my ms, there they are, all ready to pour from my fingers to the doc.

I also use short distractions like this for editing. It's important when editing my own, or other's work that I don't get caught up in the actions when I'm looking for details. So I'll read a chapter, play a game, read a chapter.

The author of one of the blogs I follow - Flogging the Quill  - has developed a new word game, great for kids and fun for adults as well. Here's the link - wordzzle-a-nutty-and-educational-wordplay-game. Hmm, maybe we can talk him into an electronic version!

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