Saturday, March 21, 2015

Best in blogs March 15-20, 2015 #amwriting #amreading

Welcome to my list of some of the best blogs I visited this week.

Charlotte's Library
This is a great resource for reviews of kids books
"This week's roundup of middle grade sci fi and fantasy from around the blogs" 

Operation Awesome
Writing tidbits, great contests - worth following or visiting on a regular basis
"Interior Design for Book NerdsI bet you thought this was going to be a post on how to make more bookshelves fit into your home decor, didn't you? No, this post is aimed at those who enjoy the details that go into the design of the interior of the book."

Operation Awesome - again!
Had to hit this one again because... contest awesomness
"Welcome to the lottery for our April Mystery Agent contest! Are your manuscripts polished and your pitches ready to go? Closes March 31, 2015."

Author Stephen Tremp
Like a little science fiction in your writing blog?
"Hey everyone, short post today as I’m getting ready for my “Meet You’re a to Z Co-Host.” So feel free to ask me any question about me. You can ask such questions as: 

* Am I carbon based? 
* Do I have a time travelling wormhole parked in my garage? 
* Do I really have webbed feet? "

Marcy Kennedy
Marcy's an author and writing expert, but today's post is a challenging detour!
"Why I hate the Jedi - by Marcy's husband Chris
For many Star Wars fans, Luke Skywalker is a hero. He’s the hometown boy who discovers himself and goes on to save the galaxy, starting with a two-meter-wide exhaust port on the Death Star I. But what makes Luke Skywalker able to do these things is that he’s a Jedi, maybe one of the greatest ever. In my mind, it’s quite possible that Luke Skywalker—not Darth Vader—was the Chosen One of the Jedi prophesies."

Stacey O'Neale - author
Lucky Leprechaun Giveaway Hop - with a free book!
"CONTEST: WIN a $15 Amazon or Barnes and Noble Gift Card!!!GIVEAWAY: Download THE SHADOW PRINCE for FREE" 

Looking for an agent? In depth questions with agent Jennifer Azantian
"Here to relieve some of that endless worrying is a new series of posts called Query Questions. I'll ask the questions which prey on every writer's mind, and hopefully take some of the pain out of querying. These are questions that I've seen tossed around on twitter and writing sites like Agent Query Connect. They are the type of questions that you need answers for the real expert--agents!"

Writer Unboxed
Awesome writing craft blog, but I especially enjoy the regular Flogging a Pro feature
"Flog a Pro: would you turn this bestselling author’s first page?
... Brendan didn’t knock on the cabin door, just turned the handle and slipped inside, looking back as he did so to be sure no one had seen him. He didn’t want to have to explain what a young man from cabin class was doing in an elderly peer’s room at that time of night. Not that anyone would have commented"


  1. I am a bit late, but I hope you enjoyed your Blitz Day!

    1. Such a surprise and so much fun. Thanks for visiting and especially posting!

  2. I, too am late to the Blitz party! I love this post~
    I hope you had and have a great day!!

    Happy Belated Blitz!

    1. I love posting my favorite blog posts - there's so many out there, hard to catch all the good ones. Thanks for visiting.

  3. I missed Blitz Day yesterday, but it made me happy to see your name on your list and go-Hey! I know her! It's a little like knowing someone famous. I like this posting though--what a generous thing to do, calling attention to other writers whose work you admire. I may steal this idea for my blog!

    1. Haha, famous! Hope to see you on A to Z this year. I'm not posting, just visiting a lot when I have time.

  4. Great link compilation and happy belated Blitz Day.

  5. This is a super neat idea. If I remember it after AtoZ, I might give it a try.Happy belated blitz day.

    1. Have fun with A to Z - I'll try to visit! Thanks for commenting.

  6. I'm visiting late for the Blitz - but at least I'm visiting! :D I hope it was a great day for you.

    1. Absolutely appreciate the visit and especially the comment - thank you!

  7. Marlene, thanks for the shout out! Much appreciated. Okay, I'm late for the Blog Blitz. But no worries. I'll fire up the ol' time traveling wormhole in the garage and go back and comment on your previous blog. See you there. I think.