Tuesday, March 3, 2015

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Please welcome our guest Michael Gibney, author of The Brotherhood and the Shield: The Three Thorns as he discusses what he imagines for a soundtrack to The Three Thorns. Brought to you by Chapter-by-Chapter blog tours.

I have always envisioned my novel, The Three Thorns, along with the rest of the novels that make up The Brotherhood and the Shield series as a motion picture phenomenon. I believe wholeheartedly that it has the potential to be and that one day it will come to pass.

When that day comes, there is no other composer that I would feel is best fitted to such a task for such a dark fantasy series than composer Elliott Goldenthal.

Oscar-Winning Composer Goldenthal is responsible for creating such incredible soundtracks like Interview With The Vampire (Oscar Nominated), Frida (Oscar Winner for Best Score) and Alien 3 (which in my opinion was the best score out of the entire Alien series. But it is in Goldenthal’s score for Interview With The Vampire and his brave attempt at the modernised Batman theme from Batman Forever that I heard the potential for an incredible score to be invented for The Brotherhood and the Shield: The Three Thorns. Goldenthal seems to bring a sense of history to his music and his unique sound is like a strong signature to the period novel. Because The Three Thorns story begins in the early 1900s, I feel Goldenthal would understand the unique and quite bizarre transition of two worlds and two time periods that is found within The Three Thorns.  

Goldenthal’s sense of melody and haunting use of violin and cello are on par with some of the world’s top composer’s like John Williams and James Horner, (both of which I feel would be worthy to score The Brotherhood and the Shield). But like Howard Shore’s Lord Of The Rings was a gamble by the New Line Cinema Studios, I too would take a gamble on Goldenthal because he is not afraid of taking the same risks and I believe in and admire people that are open to risk taking and experimenting. The more open minded the artist the better chances are at creating a soundtrack that is extraordinary. Hiring someone like Goldenthal only heightens the probability that The Three Thorns would have a memorable theme tune and recognisable signature when heard. Personally, Goldenthal would be my first choice for The Brotherhood and the Shield movies.

- Written by Michael Gibney. © The Three Thorns. 2015

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