Monday, May 11, 2015

#amwriting inspiration from horseback! #mustangs #cowboy

Yesterday I took one of my horses out on an exploratory ride, to see if I could connect a couple different trails from my property.

Although my horse had different ideas - all Pico wanted to do was canter - we wandered through the lava fields and old junipers. We came upon some old fencing and then what was leftover from a falling down gate. I was relieved, since that probably meant I was on the right track to find the main trail.

Just as Pico jumped into his attempt to win the race I didn't know we were in, I made him stop again. Several moss covered poles blocked the entrance to a little lava box canyon. I managed to take a couple pics before we were off to the races again.

When I posted on my "horse" Facebook personality, a local horse owner said the corral was used to capture wild horses "back in the day." I don't think there are any wild horses left in the area, but we aren't too far from a preserved herd of spanish mustangs - the Kigers. 

Ah, the images this conjures! I have a similar (although much bigger) horse gathering corral in my fantasy YA WIP. Hmm, now I might have an picture for a trailer! But also... story ideas! I love learning about the history of a new area.

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