Friday, May 8, 2015

The Gateway of Light and Darkness by Heather Marie #ya #paranormal #horror

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The Gateway of Light and Darkness, by Heather Marie
Genre: young-adult, paranormal-horror
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Date of Publication: April 14, 2015
Cover Artist: Ricky Gunawan
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About The Gateway of Light and Darkness:
The battle of good vs. evil wages on for Aiden Ortiz with this next installment of The Gateway series in The Gateway of Light and Darkness. With the Dark Priest defeated, and the Brethren of Shadows refusal to forfeit calling upon the Darkness, the Brethren are determined more than ever to discover a way to banish the Men of Light for good. Even if that means risking the lives of everyone they know to do it. And as the Dark Priest’s curse invading Aiden’s veins continues to take on a life of its own, he finds himself in a standoff between his own kind and the Brethren that want to recruit him for all the wrong reasons. With fellow Gateway, Julie Martin, and his best friends at his side, seventeen-year-old Aiden prepares himself for the battle of his life.
Protecting those he loves from the Brethren, and learning to put aside his differences for his father in order to learn the ways of the Light, Aiden begins to realize that the thing endangering them all might not be the threat of the Brethren alone, but the thing taking shape inside of him —readying to unleash itself upon them all.

About Heather Marie:
Heather Marie is the bestselling author of the Gateway series. She has been featured in The Huffington Post’s Diversity Month as a Latina author, and has been named a Latina author to watch for 2014 by Cosmo magazine. She lives in Northern California with her incredibly hard working husband, whom she loves ridiculous amounts. When she isn’t writing, she spends majority of her time reading or planning her next Harry Potter marathon. Heather has always been a fan of the darker side of things most people shy away from. With her love for the classic Universal Monsters, and the slasher films she watched throughout her childhood, she found herself fascinated by the macabre.
Though she hopes to expand her work to YA dark contemporary in the future, Heather considers herself a writer of stories that showcase the unknown, and at times, the harshness that is reality. She adores her troubled characters and her ghostly fiends, creating worlds that are both strange and beautiful. All of this with a healthy dose of romance, of course.
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