Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend Warrior Monday #weekendwarrior #amwriting

Did I say rocks?
Wow, what a weekend! Mine started Friday when I trailered my gelding Pico to an endurance ride. Normally we camp the night before, but this 25 miler started at 10am, so I had time to drive in the morning. Hubby was stuck working, so I went alone. I was a little unsure how Pico would handle being by himself, but I figured he'd find a buddy if he needed one.

Pico's had lots of issues in his past and doesn't have the greatest feet. That, along with our move, meant that we hadn't gotten in shape this spring. I was thrilled with how calmly he walked at the start, even when other horses were trotting away. He did the first few miles alone, then rode with a nice mare through the first loop.

After a break and vet check, he started strong, but we hit lots of hills and rocks. So many rocks! Pico didn't want to continue, certainly not at a trot. My rule is if we're walking, I get off and lead. I ended up leading up and down rocky hills for 6 miles. I kept an eye on the time, knowing we had 6 hours to complete the 25 and pulse down for a final vet check. We made it with 5 minutes to spare. Pico's first completion! I was so proud of him.

But then I had to run him home and pick up 2 more horses and hubby for Saturday's ride. We did another 25 miles, but on different trail. Only one mountain and far fewer rocks. We had a blast and best of all, hubby had a confident ride, something he hasn't had time for between his job and working with his young horse who is a little spooky.

Sunday was all about our new property. We started the morning spreading a little seed in some sparse areas of a field, then running the irrigation. Our irrigation skills are kind of laughable, we'll muddle along until we figure out where to put the pipes and how to hook them together right!

Back in the house, we tore open a wall. We're adding a washer/dryer to our walk-in closet, so plumbing, electrical, and setting up a cool all-in-one washer/dryer. Then we built a wall with a pocket door to separate the shower/toilet from the vanity side of the master bath. At 6pm, we ran out for dinner and to buy drywall and the door part, but got waylaid looking at some reduced price flooring. By the time we made a decision, Home Depot closed! We got the flooring, but will go back Monday for the original list and a new toilet (just don't even want to think about how gross the people were that lived in this house before us!)

Ah, now for the calm work week! Share your weekend warrior stories in the comments - would love to know how your weekend went.

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