Saturday, September 19, 2015

Best in Blogs September 12-18 #amwriting #amreading

Writer Unboxed
Some lovely writing analogies that make great sense
"When Isaac Newton first came up with the theory of gravity, he presented what seemed like a simple problem.  If you have three bodies orbiting around each another, how do you come up with an equation that describes how they move?  Two hundred years or so later, mathematicians came up with the answer – you can’t."

YA Outside the Lines
Do we all do this?
"Do you guys do that thing where you avoid criticism by using weird mental tricks?

Yesterday I went to a hot yoga class, which was my first real exercise in over a year. I used to be a regular, but a couple of serious injuries kept me on the bench until April. "

Writers in the Storm
Great way to deepen your own character development
"In Back to the Future, Marty McFly’s mother’s kid brother asks “What’s a re-run?”
Marty replies, “You’ll find out.”"
Writer Unboxed
Featuring Flog a Pro - what's your vote?
"Trained by reading hundreds of submissions, editors and agents often make their read/not-read decision on the first page...

The challenge: would you pay good money for the rest of the chapter?"

Janet Reid, Agent
This one's hillarious!
"I spied "that guy" at the end of the line. After years in the publicity trenches, I can recognize him a mile away."

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