Saturday, September 5, 2015

No, not that kind of quill! #amwriting #amreading

No Best in Blogs today - although Marcy Kennedy's is worth checking out. Well, darn it, then there's this Writing from the Peak post I couldn't not share! I've  had a super busy week building a new business website - Badlands Equine - in case you're interested.

And then there was this fun!

This is our dog Cleo. She fancies herself a big hunter. Well, she is part Catahoula. Most of the time she's too slow to catch anything. I guess she pissed off the wrong animal this time. At least it wasn't a skunk this time!
She came in looking like this at midnight, so obviously not calling a vet at that point. We spent over an hour fighting her to pull out the worst of them so she could sleep. 
Now that she's taken care of, we're off to Slide the City in Bend, Oregon. Kind of cold for a water activity, but what can you do about 60 degree temperatures in September? Complain a bit - then have fun and go for a beer after!

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