Saturday, September 26, 2015

Best in Blogs September 19-25 #amwriting #amreading

Here's some great blog posts from this past week.

Janice Hardy's awesome take on overused tropes
"My husband and I recently watched a movie that was doing everything right, but still fell flat, because it didn’t offer anything we hadn’t seen dozens of times before. "

Writers in the Storm
I ask this question all the time!
"We’ve all seen the examples: Wizard School, Dinosaur Park, Titanic. Don’t shudder everyone, high concept is back. Whether it was ever “out” is somewhat debatable. "

Marcy Kennedy
Very good list of dialogue problems, with clear examples
"Awkward or boring dialogue can make readers cringe and toss our books aside to find something better.
So today I’m sharing the top 10 dialogue mistakes that kill your story (in no particular order)..."
Janet Reid, Literary Agent
A post we all should save!
"1. Ask to see the boilerplate contract.

A. Lloyd Jassin has a list of things that should be in a contract. 
B. Morse, Barnes-Brown, Pendleton also has one"
Writers in the Storm
Write a whole book in a day? Join the fun!
"During our first event on April 20th, we wrote a whole book! The final word count for our first Write Up a Storm was 79,591 words."

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